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    EULA Problems

    After rebooting (because if the application installer hangs once it messes with any future attempts to install stuff) I tried your suggestion. It worked and this time when I was presented with the EULA I could actually select the options given. Which of course raises the question of why the installation defaults to Bodhi application installer if it cannot handle the EULA portion of installs? Thanks either way.
  2. BoxOgoo

    EULA Problems

    So I'm new to Bodhi and relatively new to linux, I'm using Bodhi right now because I currently have an older computer that I'm trying to make work well. I have a problem though with the Bodhi application installer. It works fine with most applications in the appcenter but for a couple it hangs on the EULA terms. In particular for Firefox and Play on Linux, It gets to the EULA terms and asks if I accept "[yes/no]" and nothing I do will move it past this point. I've tried inputting yes, Yes, Y, y, [yes], [Yes]... ect. All to no avail. I have also tried inputing variations on no with the same results. If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong please let me know.