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  1. Aussie

    Fun with another OS...oh wait, not really...

    My first thoughts too, and to do it on boot. Or maybe even set the browser to clear its cache on exit. Have never used the app myself, but there must be a way to outsmart it.
  2. Aussie

    Add a VPN connection greyed out

    Close. It was the gnome versions I was missing. To add VPN options to Edit Connections > Network Connections > Add Install: openvpn network-manager network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome To also offer PPTP install: pptp-linux network-manager-pptp network-manager-pptp-gnome Now the VPN Connections option in the system tray applet is no longer greyed out. Successfully connected via PPTP by both Ethernet and WiFi. The configuration options are also showing for VPN setup if I need the extra security, but at a slower speed. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction with the gnome "extra".
  3. Aussie

    Add a VPN connection greyed out

    Under Hardware > DSL connection I see the type of information I need to enter. Set one up, but it just disconnected and reverted to my Ethernet connection. Also obviously it doesn't work on WiFi. What am I not understanding?
  4. Okay, I have found the first problem I cannot solve myself. I am trying to set up a PPTP connection. When I try to "Add a VPN connection" under "VPN Connections" from the system tray nothing opens. It is not clickable. If I try to add a new connection manually, all I have is either Hardware or Virtual categories, with nothing referring to PPTP. Under Hardware, I would have to choose Ethernet or WiFi which indicates what I'm trying to do is not available. I installed: openvpn, network-manager, network-manager-openvpn, network-manager-pptp and pptp-linux Could not find any solutions on the forum or Google, so I am fresh out of ideas. Normally with a Ubuntu based distro, you just select Add > PPTP but there is no such option on my installation. In the "Choose a Connection Type" box it suggests "The correct VPN plugin may not be installed". I have no idea what plugin I may be missing. So I need help on what to do next.
  5. Aussie

    Hello from down under

    Yeah, I've broken enough things to almost know what I'm doing. The most important thing I've learned with computing is, to always make a system image before making any major changes. I uninstalled Midori after installing Slimjet - big mistake! Had to do a restore and install Slimjet again. Now I know not to remove Midori.
  6. Aussie

    Hello from down under

    Hi there. I am from Perth in Western Australia. I am 65 and my background is in electronics. Had been looking at Bodhi for a while now and finally decided to put it on my laptop. It has two drive bays, with Windows 7 on one and the other I use for trying distro's. Took me a few days to get my head around Moksha, but it's starting to make sense. Installed Synaptic and Double Commander, which running as gksu, allowed me to edit things. Figured out that editing the .desktop files was how you moved menu items into different categories and could rename or hide them. Downloaded the Standard ISO and installed all my usual apps. Was amazed that it only uses around 225MB of memory on boot, with negligible CPU use, and doesn't increase greatly even after using things for a while. Changed the mouse bindings so the menu doesn't pop up on left click, only by clicking on the start icon. So things work much like normal for me now. You get set in your ways by my age! I'm mainly a KDE man, but have tried most of the other DE's. Moksha is almost as configurable as KDE and I was surprised at what you can change. As others have already mentioned, I could not find a setting for the mouse double-click speed, but realized I could double-tap the touchpad - duh! I have had Neon on the laptop for months, but think Bodhi will be hanging around for the near future. Great distro guys, I'm liking it a lot.