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  1. hi, from all that i read everywhere Bodhi should be perfect for an old (8 years ?) desktop like this - the live version works 99% already. so installation should be no problem, and later getting it adjusted and tweaked too. the main problem will be my mother-in-law (82, sorry, mom!) who all this will be done for. she is not in a stage of mind where she can learn or adjust much more, or simply doesnt want to. somehow i understand her, taking in mind the speed things develope these days. getting her used to computers at all some 10 years ago was tough enough. she is used to certain progs, and will want ot EXCATLY those on her new setup too. some of this might be against the philosophy of Bodhi, but i ask your understanding on this. any of you out there has Mother-In-Laws? many of the progs she knows are already there or easily installable, like VLC, LIBRE OFFC and FIREFOX. on THUNDERBIRD i will transfer her old default settings from the previuos setup - should also be no problem. does anyone out there know of any problem or caveats i might have with these? might be useful to know this in advance, rather than running into a wall later. - Firefox - Thunderbird - Google Earth (installed with the DEB pack on their homepage?) - Google as a search engine (sorry!) - any suggestion for a simple scan-to-pdf program? any tips highly appreciated. greets - henry