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  1. vvkozmenko

    History of Enlightenment on Wikipedia

    For some reason, your screenshot is not showing up.
  2. vvkozmenko

    History of Enlightenment on Wikipedia

    HI, Tristam, I've searched YouTube for i3 and found this video. I understand what you are saying that i3 is an acquired taste. With my current knowledge and skills in Linux, I would be totally lost in i3. Still, I would love to learn it. It looks very cool.
  3. vvkozmenko

    History of Enlightenment on Wikipedia

    Hi, Tristam, Thank you for the insight. What is i3 that you are referring to? Val
  4. Hi, KarareRyker, I had the same problem before and it is very easy to fix. During installation you selected the UK keyboard layout that is why you have quotation marks instead of @. Switch to the US keyboard layout and the issue will resolve. Thank you, Val
  5. vvkozmenko

    History of Enlightenment on Wikipedia

    Hi, Stefan, Thank you for the answer and for your personal story of learning Linux. My first computer was an old Macintosh SE with System 7, than I used both Mac OS 7 and Windows 95->98->ME->XP. Then for a year or two I was using both Mac OS X and Windows XP. In 2009, I installed RH Fedora on an old Compaq and used it for a couple of months before I gave that laptop to somebody else. I was using only Mac OS X until 2015. In 2015 I bought a MintBox Mini and ran it with Linux Mint 17.x. Then I found Bodhi 3 and kept an eye on it for a while. Then I decided to buy an old laptop for travelling purposes and needed an lightweight Linux distro (I also was considering a Raspberry Pi 3 at that time as an alternative for Linux). I've bought Lenovo ThinkPad x200s for $125 (one of my best purchases) and installed Bodhi 4 on it. In January I got rid of the Linux Mint on the MintBox and installed Bodhi 4.4.0 (now it has 4.5.0). All works pretty well so far. It turned out that Lenovo x200s became my primary computer to use instead of being a cheap travel laptop to throw away in case of damage during travel. It gives me the most satisfying experience - both laptop and Bodhi that it runs. With about a year and a half of experience with Linux Mint, I have not had major problems while switching to Bodhi. Occasionally, I had troubles with installing packages via ppa but you, The Waiter, and others on this forum including Oblio helped me with their resolutions. I do not consider myself a dumb person and I am not a genius too, so I am surprised that people claim that Bodhi has a learning curve. To just simply find out how to use it - it took me less than 15 min to figure out how it works. Searching internet with "Bodhi," "Moksha," and "Enlightenment" as keywords did not produce millions results as it was with the other distros. So I had questions. This kind of explains the background behind those questions that I asked. Thank you again, val
  6. vvkozmenko

    History of Enlightenment on Wikipedia

    Hi, guys, I've read history of Enlightenment on Wikipedia this morning. I cannot speak about all the technical details of this DE but I can see some obvious trends that I have questions about. 1. E17 was in development 12 years. Obviously, the team has put a lot of thoughts, time and effort into it. It became available in 2012. Based on what most people say at this forum and on the fact that Moksha is based on E17, it is a very good environment. Why it did not gain popularity? Some new DEs such as Budgie are very well received and adopted quickly. Is E17 unpopular because it does many things differently (not worse - often better) than the other DEs? 2. After spending so many years on E17 development and coming with a thought through product, all further releases are just disastrous (based on the reviews - I have not used any of them). What happened to the team? Why the rush with the immature releases? Where is the vision for the project? Enlightenment is a big mystery for me - once a good but unappreciated product, completely ignored by the entire Linux world, dramatically changed approach to development and vision of the product. My only experience with E-like environments is Moksha, and this experience is very good. I do not know why people think that it has a learning curve for a PC or Mac user - as far as I can see, everything is very simple and intuitive. Thank you, Val PS Someone would need to start a page on Wikipedia about Moksha. There is a dead link reference to Moksha desktop at the Enlightenment page on Wikipedia.
  7. vvkozmenko

    Menu icons disappeared

    Thank you, The waiter, I do not know what the efreet folder was, what it was doing, and how it was created but deleting that folder solved the problem. Thank you again, Val
  8. vvkozmenko

    Menu icons disappeared

    Hi, guys, All of the sudden, I have all menu icons disappeared. When I go to the categories menu I can only see the names of the apps. How can I fix this? Thank you, Val
  9. vvkozmenko

    Java settings

    HI, Birdmun, I have Java 8 installed on Bodhi Linux. On the Mac, Java settings have a checkbox for "Enable Java Content in Browser (Required for Applets and Web Start Applications)" This triggers a Java applet to open a splash window. Using Bodhi, when I open a web page that is supposed to work with Java, no splash window appears. I got stuck with this Java thing on both Mac and Linux. Hopefully, IT support will help with Mac at work. Val
  10. vvkozmenko

    Escuelas Linux 5.7, the last of our 5.x series

    @Astroboy Hi, I read the article you have referenced. It is definitely published in 2000. I believe computer literacy significantly decreased since that time. Computer science professors in UK have realized that their current freshmen are less prepared than students back in 1990s. The main reason for that was that in old days one needed to be geeky enough to dive into the computer operations and take an effort to learn how to use it. These days when "everything just works" using a computer is as simple as using a microwave or a TV. To enhance computer literacy and availability, they have invented the Raspberry Pi. Just read their story of inventing Raspberry Pi. My answer to the Waiter's question is "Choice!" Learning and using Linux instead of or in addition to using Windows is like learning how to cook. If one knows how to cook, he or she is able to cook whatever they want. If they do not know how to cook, they are constrained to what is on the menu (Windows or Mac). Good job with Esculeas!
  11. vvkozmenko

    Java settings

    Hi, I am trying to launch a Java=based web application via Google Chrome. The browser fails to launch the applet. I know how to get to Java settings on MacOS but I cannot find it on Bodhi. Can someone guide me in the right direction please? Thank you, Val
  12. vvkozmenko

    MintBox Mini - Bodhi Linux 4.4.0 vs Linux Mint 18.3

    A little bit off topic - Compulabs has released a new version of their mini computer - MintBox Mini 2. According to the benchmark results, it is about eight times faster than the original, and about four times faster than the Pro. Looks attractive to me.
  13. vvkozmenko

    UFRaw or other RAW/CR2 Plug-In for GIMP?

    Hi, Oblio and others who are interested in Linux photography, There is an excellent book written by Dmitri Popov "Linux Photography." https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Dmitri_Popov_Linux_Photography?id=cO70CwAAQBAJ I consider it the ultimate resource in this subject. He has another one about digiKam. They both are very well written and have a lot of ready to use recipes. Hope this helps someone. Regards, Val
  14. vvkozmenko

    Ebook cataloging software

    @The Waiter Thank you for the direction. I've searched the internet on how to create a catalog using Calibre. It turned to be rather simple - one can export the catalog as a SVC file. Then SVC can be imported into a database file. I tried this method with FileMaker. Everything worked well except one thing. In the "Book cover" field, the database software saved the path to the image rather than the image itself. If I find a way how to make the database acquire the image based on the path in the field, the problem will be solved. Thank you, Val
  15. vvkozmenko

    Ebook cataloging software

    Hi, guys, I am looking for an ebook cataloging software that would allow to throw an ebook (EPUB) on it, and it would extract the meta-data from it and add to the catalogue. So far, I have found several pieces of cataloguing software such as Data Crow but all the entries need to be entered manually. Ideally, I want to be able to get a dozen of books and drag-and-drop it on the GUI and they are all (just meta-data, not the books themselves) in the database with the authors, titles, and covers entered appropriately. Just data Does anything like this exist? Thank you, Val