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    Bodhi x32+midori+youtube

    Ehhmm. I really don't know what just happend, but SUDDENLY it started work. i totally confused and misunderstood. The Last thing what I did was installing vivaldi and firefox browsers. Sorry for that. I don't know what just happend.
  2. HarryFox

    Bodhi x32+midori+youtube

    Hi there. I have an old netbook with atom CPU and Bodhi Linux x32 installed on it. I use midori browser and its awesome, but unfortunately youtube refuse to play any videos with HTML5 showing black screen. But, just yesterday I had the same version of Bodhi on the netbook, but x64 and youtube, and any videos in the internet works fine via HTML5. But x64 with 2Gb RAM is not rational and I installed x32. I've also tried to install Qupzilla and because it uses Gstreamer too, it had the same problem with x32 system. I want to use midori because its really awesome and lightweight browser, but internet without video... makes me feel pain. Can anyone help me? P.S. Sorry for my English