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  1. cordx

    Best network traffic monitor for Bodhi?

    giving conky a shot. thanks for the recommendation
  2. i like having exterminator running just to keep an eye on things, but htop is amazing thanks for the suggestion
  3. cordx

    Hello from old (Linux) new (Bodhi) user.

    thank you so much for bringing those posts back to light. i had vaguely seen some info on this, but lost it in my list of "must bookmark everything!"
  4. cordx

    Desktop Stops Responding!

    are there logs we can post when this happens that are helpful?
  5. cordx

    Hello Bodhi, Zagreb calling!

    thank you for the link i look forward to the read
  6. cordx

    Bodhi Linux 4.2.0 Relased

    clean and easy thank you much
  7. cordx

    Hello Bodhi, Zagreb calling!

    welcome zagreb i am fairly new to the joys of opensource os and linux as well. looks like we made it just in time
  8. cordx

    installing bodhi on a gpt disk

    the installer was kind enough to tell me the first couple times: if you continue, the changes below will be written to the disks. the partition tables of the following devices are changed: scsi1 (0,0,0) (sda) the following partitions are going to be formatted: partition #1 of scsi1 (0,0,0) (sda) as ext4 partition #5 of scsi1 (0,0,0) (sda) as swap the final (successful) installation i got: the following partitions are going to be formatted: #1 as esp #2 as ext4 #3 as swap i even made notes the last unsuccessful time that it sounded like the gpt was going to be changed, but wanted to give it a shot and see. that is when i finally popped up here to see if you kind folk could point me in the right direction
  9. cordx

    hello from deep in the heart of texas

    hello, the valley and no man's land
  10. cordx

    installing bodhi on a gpt disk

    for the win again, thank you all for the helpful suggestions edit: i used both suggestions. i created the live usb with dd and made sure to boot in uefi mode specifically so i don't know which was "the" answer, but had to pick one for the solution so now to figure out what to do with all 128 partitions
  11. cordx

    hello from deep in the heart of texas

    thank you for your kind words of welcome from singapore i have been in san antonio for about a decade so my knowledge of the spurs starts in the era of david robinson and the twin towers he anchored with tim duncan. it wasn't until i moved here that i learned of the iceman george gervin (george "iceman" gervin). we have a local grocery store that stars some of the spurs in its tv ads and he shows up in them from time to time. one of the reasons i mention him is that he has an alternative school here for kids who don't do as well in a traditional learning environment. i like that version of giving back
  12. just wanted to take a moment or two to say hello from san antonio my name is cord probably a decade or so ago my brother was kind enough to pass on his used A+ computer repair book. i can still remember my trepidation as i opened the case on dad's emachine to replace the cpu fan with the squeaky-grindy sound. now i like to help out friends and neighbors with their computer woes in part because i like to help, but also because i like a good puzzle bit by bit i figured out how to do a thing or two from the command prompt and that intrigued me even moreso. it was probably hanging out in the forum over on professor messer that i met my first linux systems administrator. mint didn't seem to want to play too terribly friendly with the aging laptop i was working on at the time, but i was even further intrigued by the open source concept and determined that one day i would find a flavor that worked for me. last year i was lucky enough to find my way into a good deal on a nice used laptop. come to find out that was because the win10 install was a mess to say the very least. i figured i might as well add a distro to it in case i wasn't able to sort out the window issues. in all honesty ubuntu mate is just fine and runs with a fairly light footprint as well, but there was something about the name bodhi and the simplicity of the moksha desktop that i quite enjoy
  13. cordx

    Bodhi 5 etc

    my personal takeaway from that post: if the wall will not stop being so hard just because you persist in banging your head against it, fork the darn thing
  14. cordx

    installing bodhi on a gpt disk

    sef, i like the sound of your solution. this is what i will be trying next as well as making sure that i am booting in uefi mode. i confess that i was using a yumi multiboot usb because i stumbled on to that program a few months ago and wanted to see what it was capable of in summation, thank you all for the help. i will be sure to post again after the next install
  15. cordx

    installing bodhi on a gpt disk

    charles, in my notes (for the last install. i didn't bother to start taking them until the first two didn't go as planned) i have written down where i chose "erase disk and install ubuntu". i did try the "something else" option, but ran into a popup dialogue that said there was no root file system defined and that i needed to correct that from the partitioning menu. i thought that formatting the disk as ext4 would solve that popup. it did not. i was leery about trying the "erase disk" again, but had reached the limit of my admittedly limited knowledge i assure you i am not here to blame or cast aspersions on either bodhi or linux. i like tinkering with new puzzles and concepts and appreciate any guidance anyone else is willing to share