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  1. I am just about in the same or similar situation. I have been using some form of linux for about 10 years also but it works so well I rarely have to worry about it. I had all ready pulled most of what I thought I would like to keep , maybe 10gb of info. Good thing because I did exactly what you suggested. It is Bodhi Linux on the hole drive ! Thanks for the link Rongxiang Lin.
  2. I might have figured it out erase means erase 1 and 5 which are swap and ext. 4 so I should be good to go. I answered my own question !
  3. Hi , my name is James Got a hot topic as we speak. I install Bodhi with out apps. I like the install but I need the other stuff. Now I have the app version and it wants to split the first install and put it along side the first one which is next to XP. It failed because I don't now where to put the boot loader. It would be easier if I could just update to app version in terminal ? It looks like this :