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  1. auro

    Avoid hibernation when battery is empty

    You could try to disable hibernation. See, https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/bugs#TOC-Hibernate-and-suspend-don-t-always-work-well:-they-make-some-computers-malfunction-or-even-enter-a-coma
  2. auro

    how to completely remove iridium browser material

    Ok! You know, I could... install iridium to see what files it creates. Then, remove it and check what's left behind?! Regards
  3. auro

    how to completely remove iridium browser material

    @graywizardlinux Hi, has your issue been solved? Was there anything related to iridium in ~/.config or in /etc/apt/sources.list.d ? Regards
  4. auro

    how to completely remove iridium browser material

    Did you find anything in those directories? (~/.config and /etc/apt/sources.list.d) It won't help to keep issuing sudo apt-get remove --purge iridium the package is no longer installed but the key is still in your system. Is this what you did? wget -qO - https://downloads.iridiumbrowser.de/ubuntu/iridium-release-sign-01.pub|sudo apt-key add - cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/iridium-browser.list deb [arch=amd64] https://downloads.iridiumbrowser.de/deb/ stable main #deb-src https://downloads.iridiumbrowser.de/deb/ stable main EOF sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install iridium-browser
  5. auro

    how to completely remove iridium browser material

    Ok! This should have been removed when you uninstalled but, while you are at it check if there's something that could be iridium related in /etc/apt/sources.list.d Open a terminal cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d ls -la Post back the contents of this folder. EDIT: How exactly did you install this browser? Details please, trying to track down your issue EDIT 2: Could you please also check your home directory for hidden folders? You can do this from the GUI or CLI. GUI: Open the file manager and press Ctrl+h, you should now see some folders that you usually don't see. Look inside the one called .config is there anything named iridium? If so remove it and empty your trash. To hide those folders again press Ctrl+h once again. CLI: Open a terminal ls -la cd .config ls -la rm -r <some folder with iridium in the name>
  6. auro

    how to completely remove iridium browser material

    Open a terminal cd /etc/cron.daily ls -l if there is something with Iridium in the name remove it sudo rm <name of the file> with Opera this file is called opera-browser.
  7. auro

    how to completely remove iridium browser material

    @greywizardlinux The issue you are having is a known issue for Opera. See if Iridium is doing the same and check if there's something left in /etc/cron.daily/ Regards
  8. With all sorts of problems you are having on your system you should consider re-installing. I'm not going to post on this topic again but, if you want to completely erase your hard drive here are a couple of solutions. 1) Download gparted from https://gparted.org/download.php and use dd to create an USB of it. Boot from the USB and use the tool to format your hard drive. You can even already here, create the needed partitions for your fresh Bodhi system if you know what you are doing 2) You asked above how to overwrite the whole drive with zeros. Easy, boot your machine using a live USB and issue the following command sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX Make sure sdX is the disk you want to erase (dd doesn't ask you to confirm), this will take time, depending on the size of your disk.
  9. auro


    My solution to this is to have two systems, one where I don't mess with anything and just keep updated, and one where I do all sorts of stuff. If this breaks, it's not really a problem and you learn a lot about how all the pieces work together
  10. auro

    Dual Kernals - Concerning?

    No, the 4.13.0-26 is not patched against meltdown or spectre. As you already know, there are no issues with having more than one kernel, I always have two kernels in my systems. It could become a problem when you have to many and if you are booting in EFI mode, because your EFI partition might get full. If you are afraid of meltdown or spectre and want to check if the kernel is patched do the following... wget https://github.com/speed47/spectre-meltdown-checker/raw/master/spectre-meltdown-checker.sh chmod +x ~/spectre-meltdown-checker.sh sudo /home/$USER/spectre-meltdown-checker.sh Once you are done, if you don't want to keep this in your system for future use just open a terminal and run rm spectre-meltdown-checker.sh Make sure you are in the directory where you've placed the script in the first place. If you have followed the steps above, it will be in your home directory.
  11. auro

    how to completely remove iridium browser material

    As far as I'm aware apt-get remove --purge will remove configuration files but, won't clear files in .cache, those must be manually removed. Is not that difficult though, if you know what you're looking for and don't have loads of them. EDIT: I've removed Pale Moon a few days ago and installed Firefox in order to be able to watch some TV shows. I had to manually empty the palemoon related files from .cache and to remove the ~/.moonchild productions folder.
  12. auro

    Installing Pale Moon

    I'm not sure but, I guess it should be possible. Maybe you could try to ask at forum.palemoon.org
  13. auro

    Installing Pale Moon

    Hi graywizardlinux, Why should I report your post to a mod? There's nothing wrong with it, you were just doing the right thing liking to that article. I have nothing to do with the Pale Moon team and to be honest, sometimes I even find them a bit, ...shall we say, less friendly!?. So no, I didn't get my "feathers ruffled" Sorry if I sounded rude Also, I'm by no means an expert on web browser security. I just find it awkward, that it always seems to be a lot of discussion going on around Mozilla forks, but not so much about Chrome forks. Personally, I've never be able to cope with chrome or any of it's forks. Not that it's something wrong with it, I just simply don't like it. I've always used Firefox or one of the few forks of it.
  14. auro

    Installing Pale Moon

    Palemoon security has been all over the place. Belive what ever you want! I've been following it at the palemoon forum and, the truth is always some where in between. EDIT: Strange, that there's always such a fuss about Firefox forks, but it seams that all Chrome forks are ok! Ain't that weird? Maybe Google is watching over it?
  15. auro

    Installing Pale Moon

    Hi Val, You're welcome. Glad it works for you. Yeah, I know... it looks a bit 90's. But, I like it like that! As you might know, it's a fork of the old Firefox. So, that's where the looks come from. They have another fork of Firefox just before it became Firefox Quantum. It’s called Basilisk and it's still beta but, if you want to try it have a look at this thread http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/14824-basilisk-web-browser/&do=findComment&comment=108086