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  1. SweaterFish

    Customize "System" submenu

    Is there some way to customize the options that are in the System submenu of the main menu, e.g. the place where lock, suspend, reboot, etc. are found? Or are these baked into Bodhi in some way? In partcular I would like to assign my own bash script and would be willing to sacrifice either the lock or hibernate options if needed Thanks in advance.
  2. SweaterFish

    Will Bodhi 4.2 become more stable

    If 2GB is really not enough for Bodhi, then maybe the official recommended and minimum specs should be updated. Those are still listed as 512MB and 128MB respectively. Those numbers are definitely not realistic from what I've seen so far in 4.2.0. That said, I'm also running with 2GB and haven't had any memory related freezing, so it may be a configuration problem on your setup, michmanbiker.
  3. SweaterFish

    Bodhi keeps on freezing

    The only issue I've had with freezing (also on 2GB) is related ot some bug in pcmanfm that causes out of control CPU usage associated with "menu-cached" processes. I'm hoping that gets sorted soon, but otherwise things have been pretty stable.
  4. SweaterFish

    Share your Desktop

    It's just one of the first backgrounds that comes up when you search "bodhi wallpapers" and some repurposed default icons, but I'm really enjoying the minimalism. A nice relief compared to the icon overload on my Windows and Mac desktops.
  5. SweaterFish

    Power Manager Questions

    This is a slightly old topic, but I figure it's okay to resurrect it to follow up directly. Can someone explain what the different options in the cpufreq menu actually do? I gather that these are different CPU governors with friendlier names, but what is the difference between the options available under "Powersaving behavior" and "Set CPU power policy"? Also what do the checkboxes at the bottom of those two menu do exactly? Is there any way to access these menus without having the cpufreq gadget on the screen?
  6. SweaterFish

    Bodhi through Chrome Remote Desktop

    Thanks everyone, I was able to get Chrome Remote Desktop working as desired by following the instructions here: https://superuser.com/questions/778028/configuring-chrome-remote-desktop-with-ubuntu-gnome-14-04 It required just a couple changes to CRD's python code, then I was able to just connect to the same existing x session. I did try out TeamViewer a couple years ago when I was first looking into remoting and liked CRD better for its flexibility and easy installation, though admittedly that was on Mac and Windows machines. This Linux installation was much harder. All sorted now, though, and been running right for a day or so.
  7. SweaterFish

    Bodhi through Chrome Remote Desktop

    Hi everyone, I'm a new user to Bodhi and Linux in general. I have player around with Mint on and off for a few years as a live CD, but never really committed to using it for much. Now I've installed Bodhi on a second computer that will be used frequently for writing and running simulations in the R language. After more than a little wrasslin' with the setup I've got the ability to visit my Bodhi computer from any other computer using Chrome Remote Desktop. The problem I'm having is that Chrome Remote Desktop logs me in to a separate Moksha session, which might be okay, but I can't seem to find a way to pass windows between the two sessions, which is a problem if I start an analysis when I'm using the machine itself and then want to check in on it again later from my other computer, or my phone, etc. So does anyone else have experience with this? Should there be some way to move windows between sessions? A couple old StackExchange questions from 2009 said that the answer was no, but maybe it's changed. Specifically, I'd need to be able to look and see what windows are open on the other session I'm not currently in, grab it, and bring it to this session. Alternately, should I be able to access my primary Moksha session through Chrome Remote Desktop? This would be the best solution since currently having two sessions open eats up a bit of extra memory on a system that only has 2GB installed. For background, the Chrome Remote Desktop service looks for a file called .chrome-remote-desktop-session in your home directory that currently in my case just has the line: exec /usr/sbin/lightdm-session '/usr/bin/enlightenment_start' Is there something else I could put there that would make Chrome Remote Desktop hook into the existing session instead? Thanks in advance!