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  1. L5d

    Bodhi Legacy: browsers problem

    Hello, Thanks to Charles, this text added in the file specified will add an entry in the "applications/internet" menu of Bodhi, with the name : "palemoon (Navigateur web)", and one clic will bring palemoon onto the current desktop. Great job ;-)
  2. L5d

    Bodhi Legacy: browsers problem

    Hello, the link for Palemoon for CPU with only SSE (Athlon, Athlon XP, etc) is here : https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=13530 , i've just installed it yesterday, and it look like a charm on my Athlon XP+ Once installed manually (in /usr/local/palemoon), you need to define a entry in the menu of Bodhi, it's very difficult for me, because the english options of Bodhi are not all translated in french. So, if one can explicit this action, thank for the other who will understood much if this is do by a more comprehensive english language than mine (i know, i'm bad for this point, but i'll learn every day to progress).
  3. L5d

    Bodhi Legacy: browsers problem

    Hello, I try Firefox 45.0.2 wich is in the depot, using synaptic for installing it. it seems to support cpu without sse2. once installed, it it's useful to block the automatic upgrade of the version. it's preferable to uninstal completely firefox 54 or much (55, 56, ...) before doing it.
  4. Good Mornig, I was using Linux Mint 13 Mate 32 Maya on this laptop computer, but when this version become end of support, i saw there is only Bodhi Linux Legacy witch offer a non PAE kernel with a recent base of Ubuntu 16.04 so i'm here after many efforts to install it on the HDD, from a PXE server i build onto a VM on my desktop computer. See you soon