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    Screen Tearing

    Thanks, I've already tried the new line in startupcommands file and it did not worked. But I got it with my last setup, finally . I changed the Exec entry in .desktop file to sh -c 'sleep 10 && compton -b &' I tried to put the same line in startupcommands file instead, using Swami Control Panel , and I get an error at boot. This is because the text entered with Control Panel became sh -c 'sleep 10 && compton -b &' Then I entered manually the text in startupcommands, and it works too. I finally changed the line to: sh -c 'compton -b &' and it works too. So no need to add a new empty line. So to sum up : conky -p 1 -d | \ sh -c 'compton -b &' definitely works for me, whereas conky -p 1 -d | \ compton -b does not, with or without a new line. Thanks for the help, I appreciate.
  2. thierrybo

    Screen Tearing

    Oh I forgot to say in my previous post that I already tried that without success, also trying Exec=sh -c 'sleep 10 && compton -b' Is there a mean to place moksha in "debug" mode to see what happens? Anyway as the desktop entry was slightly different, I started again with your settings : https://youtu.be/avia4IQYOgk
  3. thierrybo

    Screen Tearing

    No way. "dmesg | grep -i compton" still nothing. None of files in /var/log/ shows "compton". Tried to use a script in ~/bin/ instead with a "sleep" command, tried to change order in .e/e/applications/startup/startupcommands, tried compton alone in .e/e/applications/startup/startupcommands, with or without a new line, nothing work.
  4. thierrybo

    Screen Tearing

    Well, dmesg | grep "compton" has no output $ cat .e/e/applications/startup/startupcommands conky -p 1 -d | \ compton-bbodhi@bodhi-VirtualBox:~$ I also tried to reverse command order. https://youtu.be/rDWMETxK3WI
  5. thierrybo


    Hi, I am not yet a full bodhi user. My main distro is Ubuntu since 2005. I have decided to change, now my two last choices are Bodhi and Bunsenlabs that I currently test in Virtualbox.
  6. thierrybo

    Screen Tearing

    Hi, if I use the same two lines in startupcommands, only conky runs at startup, I have no compton process running. compton runs fine if i run it manually. This is weird, I have no error from autostart as we can get after typing wrong commands.