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    strange volume behavior

    so pressing x makes the volume control display change from "Master" to "Soft". Now the volume is significantly louder, but I have far less control. 0% is off. 10 - 70% sounds about the same amount of loud. 80-100% is slightly louder. Weird. Edit - OOOOOH I get it! Combining the use of "Soft" and "Master" gives me the control I'm looking for. Awesome! Thank you for the help!
  2. yankeecactus

    strange volume behavior

    That link gave me a page not found error. I did figure out that pavucontrol does let me adjust the volumes for each software source. I just never tried it while MOC was playing. So now I've got MOC boosted to 155% and VLC down to about 70%, which works ok. I'd really like to boost MOC to something like 400%. Is that possible?
  3. yankeecactus

    strange volume behavior

    Thank you so much for the help. I think I need to clarify my situation a little bit. I am running this dinosaur laptop as a makeshift audio server in my music classroom. I use SSH from my district-supplied chromebook to play music through the stereo. This setup is ideal for me because when the network (inevitably) goes down, I can fall back to using the laptop itself. The strange thing is that audio from MOC is significantly quieter than if I use a GUI app, say VLC. (So I explode everyone's eardrums when I use VLC). I want to permanently boost MOC's output without setting the overall system volume any higher. Does this make sense? Is this a thing that can be done?
  4. yankeecactus

    strange volume behavior

    pavucontrol is installed. I haven't found anything there that has any impact. AFAIK MOC doesn't use pulseaudio. Can I make it?
  5. yankeecactus

    strange volume behavior

    Hi, When I play mp3 files via GUI, the volume is plenty loud. When I use MOC, it's much quieter. I can't for the life of me figure out why. ALSAmixer is maxed out. Any thoughts about how to resolve this?