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  1. SRYoung

    Ecomorph crashes 3rd of screen

    yup you got the problem but I have not trued on or off compositing it is always on this is on 4.4 and I know that ecomorph is dead or on the way however it is cool and does get new users interested (go figure some effects and it looks that this is a very advanced os I am not saying it isn't...) look sometimes you have to look at linux from a sales reps eyes and in that light ecomorph is very important as well as those penguins. I would really like to update ecomorph to be runnig on open gl but I do not have time and I too do not think it is a core function to put time into it.
  2. SRYoung

    Ecomorph crashes 3rd of screen

    I am a big fan of ecomorph and use it alot (ok only to show of to others) recently it has been crashing only one third of the screen everything else works fine and I can restart Moksha but ecomorph does not start until a new log in here is the dmesg [ 2676.551178] ecomorph[1796]: segfault at 80 ip 00007f1c44922723 sp 00007ffcbece52d0 error 4 in libanimation.so[7f1c44913000+24000] I know this in not a well used module but it has a great cool factor (like the walking penguins now if I could get a command line to turn them on with the alarm module that would be great)
  3. https://01.org/linuxgraphicsare responsible for the driver
  4. SRYoung

    Ubuntu corrupted BIOS?

    you can update to the newer kernel with ukuu http://www.teejeetech.in/p/ukuu-kernel-upgrade-utility.htmland bypass this problem
  5. SRYoung

    Fresh install vs Bodhi ISO created with Bodhibuilder

    I would tell you to go make it with bodhibuilder because you will have what to start from again in case of anything happening as for discrepancies the only thing I can think of is drivers and that is easly done or you can add them in to the first distro
  6. SRYoung

    New to Linux, installing on IBM ThinkPad X31

    About UEFI microsoft at the begining put a 32bit boot loader on the 64bit machines in that case you need to use a 32bit file which you can get at http://linuxiumcomau.blogspot.com however microsoft updated so now you can boot without the file but you might have to find the file (boot from file) you can also try on windows https://www.linuxliveusb.com/
  7. SRYoung

    Bodhi Linux

    There are a couple of major packages in linux RPM for red hat and co Deb for debian and co Yast for Suse and co they all have a front end and backend for debian/ unbuntu it is synaptic (frontend) and apt-get (backend) even though we have a app center it is a front end to apt-get upgadeing is done by a dedicated app (but you can use apt-get also of course) the rest is for you to try yes x11 not wayland Jeff has made it clear that he does not intinded to jump into wayland as x11 is better (even though unbuntu now comes with wayland) I think he is right and this imho comes from wanting to have a stadle goood dristro ( the reason why no upgrade in EFL) as said before Moksha a fort of enlightenment but you can gt E21 in the repositories also it is all inclusive see the enlightenment website https://www.enlightenment.org/ as said above we don't know what you want but if it is to contrast gnome and kde we use GTK (gnome) the key to understanding linux and especially Enlightenment Moksha is to try it
  8. SRYoung

    Bodhi Linux

    ok Let me help a little understand that not all of the questions are related to this distro rather are general questions I am not the father of this distro so some answers will be my opnoion (or all) this is long sorry From what it seems this is a bare bones unbuntu distro with some changes based on a very customazible and fast X11 wm Moshka based on enlightenment the target audiance can be anybody as long as you want to choose everything yourself and have olny what you need as said before this is a bare bones distro while thier is a app pack release it is not the focus the basic apps are ones that run on enlightenment and the app release is fairly basic it terms of linux however as said before this distro is for your apps it is a unbuntu fork with a little chainges ask Jeff, I think the main reason was to make a stable enlightenment distro based on enlightenment 17 this I already answered above but in short Unbuntu chooses for you at the start here it is a blank state (for example try hardining a system in unbuntu you need to turn off a lot here because you olny have what you neeed thier is almost no reason to) It is GNU 3 as far as I know differing from Debian we do not seem to concerned with fully free (ie. icefox) the rest is homework which I think they ask on the linux + exam check out GNU website https://www.gnu.org I think 500mhz and 256 ram but never tried it (my 400mhz box is ipcop) tested tried and used with 1ghz 512 ram no PAE dell laptop with full apps and it runs fast well download (torrent) and try but it is a unbuntu install GURB 1 ( I would really like grub 2 with tmp support) this is a general linux question google it as a unbuntu fork this is just unbuntu answers
  9. SRYoung

    Bodhi 4.4.0 Released

    I would like to add with a quote from enlightenment.org if you would like to have it you can write it or pat to write it, however I do think that one of the big stand outs of E and Moksha is that it is very customizable and having options for the menus to behave how you want them to in that vein is a plus but we will have to wait or work on it (once we talk about menus I was thinking that the right to left languages the menu should be opening on the left side...)
  10. SRYoung

    Bodhi Linux on AMD

    Mint is based on Ubuntu LTS much like Bodhi so everything should be the same however they are using kernel 4.10 and we are using 4.13 but it does not seem that the change will effect you.
  11. I think all the changes are in the isorespin.sh script
  12. the updated kernels provide not only drivers but also fix most problems from older kernels such as acpi issues I would like the most recent 4.15 but that of course is still in development but after 4.13 they do have acpi (try using bohdi and it turns off suddenly of course not in middle of a movie only some important doc...) also the drivers can be added for sound and wifi from the linuxinium website he has scripts for them as for the kernel itself it seams that the script has multipal changes to the kernel moduals add and other changes, I would think Imho to make a intel iso much like the current one, I do not think that it can be used with legacy computers but have not tried it. The reason why I would like this that in tablets Intel has the best support for linux and is already x86 look at website such as gearbest (historically chuwi has the most hardware that is linux supported) and although they are knockoffs the design is good for the average user also hdd speeds do not really matter (were talking about running bodhi right) their are some things that are badly designed such as a tf card not being able to be inserted in the obook11 plus w/o a sharp object but this is where cheap tablets and netbooks are at.
  13. SRYoung


    fixed sorryit has nto been a good day /long night
  14. SRYoung

    Moshka Arm

    let me know if I can help I have access to a dual xeon workstation check this out https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Preparation/ to build it for more hardware
  15. SRYoung

    Moshka can't write to ecomp

    ok this is embarassing I had this mistake when using termenonolgy but I couldn't figure out what whent wrong until after wards... by the way where did the name come from? anyways the hdd partition is 120gd so plenty of space thier and after starting moksha got a error think with Eet but with sudo worked now stuck by Ecore_X says Moksha cannot initialize Ecore_X