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    Shotcut Video Editor

    Wow, that makes Bodhi that much sweeter! Thanks a lot Jeff!
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    Shotcut Video Editor

    About a year ago, after having tried just about every other video editing software developed for Linux, I finally found one that actually works (and without crashing). It's called Shotcut (shotcut.org/). I highly recommend that it be considered for adding to Bodhi if at all possible. I've used this NLE over the past year to produce about four videos and all I can say is wow! Linux has really needed a well-functioning video editor for SO long! The thing is, I've been running Shotcut (creating videos) by first booting from a "live" Linux DVD because my installed O/S (Linux Mint 17.2) is too old to install Shotcut on it. Yesterday, I thought I'd check out the latest Bodhi edition as a possible next O/S for my laptop and in so doing, I went through the process of test installing some of my favorite apps, one of which is Shotcut (again, while running from the Bodhi live CD). I installed the app from the same PPA I always use (https://launchpad.net/~haraldhv/+archive/ubuntu/shotcut/) and it seemed to work fine once I applied the fix for the "menu cache" bug caused by PCManFM. I was able to load up my most recent video project and work with it without issues. Of course, you don't need to install Shotcut using a PPA. You can *most likely* also install it using the "portable zip" which can be found on their download page. There you'll also find a link to their source code on GitHub. Note that in order for me to run Shotcut, I first had to install the SDL2 library (libsdl2-2.0-0). According to instructions on the download page, I believe this is also needed if you use the "portable zip" method of installing Shotcut. The only real problem I've encountered with Shotcut is that it won't run on my HTPC computer apparently due to its older Intel graphics (I think) but that's not a big problem as it runs perfectly well on my laptop. BTW, great work on Bodhi! I really enjoyed taking it for a spin.