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  1. Mouse trailing on OpenGL windows and other things

    It is just the integrated Intel HD Graphics on a Celeron N3050 (this a budget desktop system, not a laptop). I'm using the "intel" driver on xorg. I tried playing around with V-sync to see if that had any part in the matter, nothing changed either way. I shouldn't have said Moksha compositor, I meant I turned on hardware acceleration in the Elementary Configuration utility and got the mouse pointer artifacts... with no hardware acceleration on non-GL windows everything was fine (on GL windows, such as glxgears, glmark2, Google Earth, hardware accelerated Google Chrome, many Linux games, etc the issue persists). When using Ecomorph it really went batty... mouse pointer artifacts all window borders and even in the taskbar. This is a shame, since Ecomorph is really neat.
  2. Hi, there are a couple of issues I've had with my Bodhi 4 system lately: Whenever I move the mouse pointer around or in and out of an OpenGL window, I end up getting a blur of mouse pointers stuck in the border of said window. It also happens on all windows when I have the Moksha compositor or Ecomorph loaded, so it seems to be an OpenGL or GLX thing... It's not limited to Moksha, I have Windowmaker as well, and the same thing happens on any OpenGL window. These artifacts will go away after I change anything or move a window (non-GL) around in that area. The other issue is that icons in the Moksha menu for applications will randomly disappear and reappear when I move out of and back into a submenu. These issues don't really affect use that much, they are just really annoying. Thanks in advance, Kurtis