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  1. no visible desktop after startup

    Thanks for the good advice Oblio! Much appreciated!
  2. no visible desktop after startup

    Having similar problems on an old Dell 2.4GHz Celeron box with 2Gb DRAM, built-in Intel VGA (with max 8Mb of shared system memory for video - max 640x480 screen size in 16 colours!!! Unusable.) with a Matrox Millineium II VGA card added with 64Mb dedicated VRAM, as "plain vanilla" as it gets. This box ran Ubuntu 10 reasonably well, no install or other video problems, runs all variants of Puppy Linux just fine, the MGA card is detected and used, as selected in BIOS, just fine. Bodhi install disk runs fine and looks good when Option 2 (software rendering) is selected. Install went without a hitch. But have two BIG "show-stopper" probs. 1) Black screen upon boot, and 2) If I boot into "Console mode" to try and correct the problem and type in "help" for available commands the first [who knows how many] section of available commands scrolls offscreen and cannot be seen or accessed. The "| more" argument is not available to cause pagination, as in ">help | more". Inspection of the X11R7 config file shows correct identification of the MGA card and the "mga" driver is called first and assigned to my monitor, but the code appears to not exit when a video driver successfully loads, which appears to be proceeding down the script and loading the Intel video driver as well! I only have one monitor. A tool to detect and display the available video cards would be very nice, as this is happening in the background and the results of the detection are correct and accurate. This would help users who have "big iron" with multiple monitors, but might need to "borrow" a monitor for another machine temporarily and turn off that video card/monitor. Bodhi is a great looking product, well designed, thoughtfully put together - one of the most polished distro's I have ever seen and I have been "on board" with *nux OS's since the late 1970's (Berkeley Unix 1.8), NeXT box in 1984 (Berkeley Unix 2.0) and later Linux - all flavours. Any suggestions? Many thanks!