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    how to install nvidia ti4200

    I read that the actually kernel in ubuntu doesn`t support nvidia-173 drivers. The only choise seems to install the nouveau driver. Since I have reinstalled the nouveau driver the grafics behavior seems to be okay. My Laptop with ATI grafics was running fine at the first time I installed BodhiLinux. Yesterday I bought an ATI card for my desktop pc. Next week I will test it. Have many thanks for your time spending on my questions.
  2. PCFlicker

    how to install nvidia ti4200

    Thank You for Your quick answer. The lowest version of nvidia drivers in the feed is the 304. Some days ago, I had 2 times tryed to install this driver once with synaptic and once with "sudo apt-get install nvidia-304". The result after reboot blank screen with a flashing point. The PC seems to be busy, so I let it the whole night running. At the next morning just the same behavior. After another reboot the same. I bootet into recovery mode and choosed the first point. Then the moksha desktop appeard and I was able to remove all changes with synaptic. I reinstalled the nouveau xorg drivers. The latest driver which supports geforce fx5200 is nvidia-173. Is there a chance to install it manually in the latest bodhi 32 bit kernel? Or should I buy an ATI graficcard?
  3. PCFlicker

    how to install nvidia ti4200

    The nvidia-304 driver supports only fx6xxx and later grafic cards. I have a geforce fx5200 card. I need to install nvidia-173 driver, but I was not successfull by doing it. I have read that the nvidia-173 driver is only supportet until ubuntu 14.04. Is there a method for installing this driver by another way?