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    these are some of the questions some like all of them lol trim1) What is the purpose of your linux distribution, for which target audience is the distribution made, what are the main applications of this distribution. 2) What is the history of creation, of which other distribution is it a fork, which is why the fork is made. 3) Tell a little more about the original distribution, describe the biggest differences between the effective distribution and the fork 4) Which software license is chosen for distribution (open source / free software etc ..). Briefly explain what this license stands for and what the opinion of the FreeSoftwareFoundation about this license is. 5) what are the minimum system requirements for your distribution 6) Describe the installation process. (If your distribution allows it, try it out on a virtual one machine) 7) What is the default bootloader? Describe where you can adjust the configuration of this boot loader 8) Which is the default file system that is used by your distribution, explain briefly what is happening specific to this file system. 9) Which other file systems are supported? 10) Which init system does this distribution use? 11) Which package manager does your distribution use? 12) Is there a front-end / back-end package mananger? If so, describe both the frontend and backend. 13) Give an example of this package manager: - how to install a program - how to remove a program, - how to remove a program including configuration files - how do you search for a package? - how do you update the system, how do you upgrade the system. 14) does your distribution use an x-server + x-windows or is it different? 15) Which is the default desktop environment that uses your distribution? 16) What is the display manager? 17) What is the window manager? 18) What is the graphical configuration system used in your distribution? 19) If your distribution does not have a package manager, no x-server, etc, or as one or more of the above questions are not applicable because your distribution is very specific than here more detail the operation of your distribution. How do you configure it? How do you use the specific application and / or environment for which this distribution is intended?
  3. Bodhi Linux

    thx you helped me big time sorry for bothering again but do you maybe know What the graphical format system used in bodhi linux is ? and Graphic configuration system is. haha i know right i currently studying ict and we got like 20 questions about different distributions and i got bodhi
  4. Bodhi Linux

    i have this homework about bodhi linux and there are questions I don't know the answer to and i was wondering if you guys could help me ? the questions goes as follows. what is bodhi's default desktop environment which init system doess bodhi use ? which package manager does bodhi use and does bodhi use x-server + x-windows ? ​would really appreciate it if i could get some help.