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  1. How well are the S3 Chrome GPUs supported?

    Well I'll be damned! The openChrome driver seems to work perfectly so far, at least as far as desktop performance is concerned, gives me the display's native resolution. Will test video playback sooner or later, maybe even 3D acceleration if I'll have enough spare time. While not related to the GPU directly, the UI is very responsive for such an old brick, even moreso than the period-accurate Windows XP. The laptop still insists on double-functioning as a crotch warmer, but that's to be blamed on the rather hot CPU. (Thermal paste is rather fresh). Overall, the only thing I'm dissatisfied with is the fact that I didn't know this distro earlier. Keep up the good work, devs!
  2. First of all, gotta say I'm amazed by this distro. So far it has turned every old slug I toss it on into a very usable and responsive machine, even a miserable Pentium 4 with only 768 MB of RAM. Naturally, that makes it my first choice for an old laptop, a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo K7610W. The problem is, this laptop has some sort of S3 Chrome GPU (will specify tomorrow) and the last time I tried Linux on it (Xubuntu, if memory serves), it would only run at paltry 640x480. Now I hear that there are drivers for Chromes out there, like OpenChrome, but there seem to be couple of different ones. Can anyone share experience on which ones play the nicest with Bodhi?