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    Resizing windows and system menus ?

    Just got started with Bodhi and Moksha and coming from ubuntu with the nice white arrows on window edges, resizing seemed difficult. Key Bindings are gonna save me a lot of time. Left Click > Settings > All > Input > Key Bindings Once there, scroll down the Actions on the right until you get to the Window settings. Press the + Add button and select a keyboard shortcut combo - a good idea is to see which bindings are already there by default, so you can get an idea of these and how to map your own. For example, I mapped 2 combos for Move and Resize using CTRL + arrow keys, as these are convenient for moving the elements across the screen. You'll also have to go activate Keyboard mapping for Windows Geometry. Left Click > Settings > Settings Panel > Windows > Windows Geometry > Maximization (Tab) + Keyboard (Tab) Check the Manipulation option for resizing in Maximization and the select the parameters for Keyboard actions. Hope this helps.