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  1. hide some folders or set a password

    It works!!! Many thanks! sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gencfsm sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gnome-encfs-manager
  2. hide some folders or set a password

    Is there really no application in Linux, for data protection?
  3. hide some folders or set a password

    Thank you ... But I need to protect data from extraneous IT specialists. Hide the folder or set the password on it
  4. Hello friends, how i can hide some folders or set a password. In Windows i use program "Hide folder" Thank's
  5. network printer connection ?

    Thank you everything worked. 1. sudo apt-get install hplip | install the package 2. sudo apt-get install cups 3. service cups start 4.| in browser 5. Add printer smb://
  6. Hello. I do not know how to connect a network printer. Please tell me. There are two computers, one of them is connected to the HP Laser jet 1100 printer. Computers on the network see each other and exchange files Thank's
  7. Web Browsers Crashing

    Hello. Sorry for my English I ran into the same problem. My old computer does not open the browser. Midori and firefox do not works. That's what I could do. My computer 1. Install qupzilla 2. Edit - Preferenses 3. remove the checkmark from "Allow javaScript" qupzilla works.... then you can open pages on the Internet, except the video youtube and some mail sites. can anyone have thoughts on how to solve the problem with Youtube? Thank's
  8. Thanks, all worked well. I will continue to set up and enjoy
  9. Ok, thank you very much. Everything worked. The flags appeared on the panel. And how do I add folders and shortcuts to my desktop?
  10. Hello, Bodhi Linux community. I'm new to Linux but I really want to use this system. I installed Bodhi Linux on laptop ACER E15. Everything works like a clock. But I can't understand, how to switch the keyboard to another language. And how to display the language icon on the panel. If you can, please describe the process in detail, because I'm starting to learn. Thank you. P.S : how to add shortcuts to desktop