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  1. socksbodhi

    How to install keepassxc on Bodhi Linux

    Hi Auro, Thank you for the site references, I will certainly take a look at those to try and get myself up to speed as soon as I can. Clearly there is much to learn, so should be interesting. Thanks again for taking the trouble to be of assistance. Much appreciated.
  2. socksbodhi

    How to install keepassxc on Bodhi Linux

    Thank you "birdmun". As I am a total novice in this Linux world, with maybe a month exposure to it, I am a total ignoramus on the terminology. So what is a PPA?? I would prefer not to have to do a reinstall if I can avoid it. Again excuse my ignorance, but what is an Apppack image?? I have seen the snap install mentioned but did not want to touch any of that stuff as I had no idea what it meant. Is there a site somewhere that I should look at to get an understanding of all this stuff. Being on top of my profession, it is somewhat embarrassing being so ignorant in an all new field. Again my humble apologies for that. Blessings and kindest regards to you.
  3. I have KeepassXC on my Windows 10 Desktop, and would like to install it on my very old and basic laptop now running BodhiLinux. I use the little laptop when I am travelling, so it would be good to be able to take my password vault with me. Could not find anything in the AppCenter. Can you help me with this please. Thanks.