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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Community, I was wondering if anyone has experience using plug-ins with GIMP to open RAW files, specifically Canon's CR2 format? I am looking to start using GIMP for editing, but by default it errors out when attempting to open CR2 files...a quick look on their site led me to UFRaw, but it appears I would have to add some PPAs (and Jeff warns against it and there isn't much point to breaking my system to attempt to add usability...if that makes sense!). Gimp 2.10 is going to support 16/32 bit/color channel and also there is some talk about "darktable" being an option with 2.9.4. but it requires lua. Ultimately, I do not really have any experience with these. The other odd thing that I read is that you don't really edit in RAW in GIMP (or Photo$hop for that matter); but rather you need to use a RAW converter to convert to a TIFF/JPEG first...which seems odd to me as editing with RAW has a lot of benefits over these formats. In my Windoz years I used Canon's bundled RAW editor which worked great for simple corrections, but it is not Linux compatible. I dual write with my camera, so I already have JPEGs of all of my shots. Maybe I can just skip this entire process/question? Anyway, not sure if this is the place to ask or if I should go right to GIMP's forums/IRC. Thank you in advance for any assistance, Community! Cheers!