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Found 3 results

  1. Randy

    Small Oddity

    I've noticed, that when I create a weblink for weather (weather.desktop), using U.S. weather.gov in Moksha, no matter which browser I use, I land on this web page... But in another DE such as LXDE, it goes directly to the forecast as you would expect. Just seems strange only Moksha or Enlightenment behaves this way.
  2. Charles@Bodhi

    App pack release

    Playing with the 64bit in a VM. In live-session the Quickstart opens in Chromium. After installation the Quickstart opens in Geany, both first-time running and by clicking the menu. Chromium is not set-up to handle apt-url so I needed the CLI to get Midori for future use. Not really nice to first-users. I hate left buttons on the border, but that is personal. Blaming Duma If I find more I let you know. Enjoy, Charles
  3. andrello

    Launcher's icons.

    1st ---- If we look at Midori icon in the launcher - if you have no Midori windows open and you click on its launcher icon - it opens a new window. That's fine. But if you already have some Midori windows open and click on the icon again - it opens a new window. With tabbed browsers this action is in 95% useless. So why not improve it: if there are no Midori (or any other tabbed broswer) windows open - a click on the icon should open a new window. if there already are some browser windows open, a click on an icon should bring what hovering over the icon does - a list of windows with one small change - added option to open a new window. 2nd ----- It would be great to have a systray which would pop-up on right mouse-click on the desktop area.