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Found 2 results

  1. Randy

    Small Oddity

    I've noticed, that when I create a weblink for weather (weather.desktop), using U.S. weather.gov in Moksha, no matter which browser I use, I land on this web page... But in another DE such as LXDE, it goes directly to the forecast as you would expect. Just seems strange only Moksha or Enlightenment behaves this way.
  2. Randy

    Window Scale Feature

    I dual boot Bodhi and LXLE (a spin of lubuntu with the LXDE desktop). I like to tweak LXDE's config files, to customize it, and just to see how far I can push it. I got tired of booting in and out so I added the Bodhi repo to the LXLE install. But not before setting a restore point with systemback. It worked like a charm. I haven't had any issues. Just a surprise! LXLE uses skippy-xd for window scaling (or window overview, expose). But skippy-xd is not compatable with Bodhi's Enlightenment desktop, or so I thought. Surprise, it works with Moksha installed on LXLE, but not if I install it in my Bodhi 4.0 install. Have no clue why it works, although it does seem to open the overview in the lightdm log-in screen. But hey it works flawlessly, and I miss having it in Bodhi (ecomorph doesn't work in 4.0). But I'm gonna have to figure out what makes the difference.