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I've started a wiki page for art resources related to Bodhi, currently it just has a bunch of logo images on it we've used over the years.




Once SVG images are enabled on the wiki I have a few color pallet items I'm going to throw up there as well.


If you are doing art work for Bodhi stuff and think of other information that would be good to fill in here please do so.



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I've been experimenting with the so-called golden ratio and what the Bodhi logo could look like with such proportions.


Full disclosure, I am first and foremost a musical artist before I am either a graphic/visual one. That said, I'd be interested in what could be done to streamline our brand in service to the minimalist vision.
With this in mind, so far I have a couple svg files stemming from circles whose diameters follow a Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, units) grouped within a golden rectangle (e.g., length = 21 units, width = 13 units). I tried not to hack at it too much. Instead, I've tried to apply the basic principle to what we already have to see if it could work.
The last thing I want is to impinge upon any of the great work already done. There is a lot of good stuff in these forums. My desire is to build upon an already good foundation. So, let's to try to revisit meaningful branding considerations, namely, by asking the routine question what are we doing to ensure our materials (in this case, our visual presentations) match our mission?


If we were to try to improve our visual branding (which we should do eventually, possibly for the 4.x.x release), then I think we could benefit from more firmly embracing an understanding of "minimalism." That is, following clean lines, aesthetic (i.e., deliberate) proportions, true to form images, and other principles demonstrating "extreme spareness and simplicity," (s.v. "Minimalism," Merriam-Webster English Dictionary Online).


Maybe this applies to the Harabara font face, too, maybe not (for which I confess I neglected to adjust the kerning in these initial sketches below).


As it is, some other distros whose output is decidedly neither minimalist nor "enlightened" (anything but!) in the ways Bodhi Linux aims to be have, nonetheless, opted for more minimalistic branding than we have at times. Perhaps this is because some tips of the hat to minimalism are in vogue (among other possible factors). In any case, I believe Bodhi's reputation for offering a refreshing and alternative product can and should ring true (even truer than it does already) in our branding, logo, copy, and the like.


I like the direction of the "simple logo," but I feel we could infuse it with a little more purpose.


Thanks for your thoughts about any of these sketches:






















What do you think we could do better? What would you like to "see" different?

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