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[answered] Help Compiling Elementary Code Examples

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I'm attempting to compile some of the simple code examples using Elementary.  These are the two instructional pages I found:





The first page suggests using a Makefile for compiling.  This leads to a compile error:

fatal error: Elementary.h: No such file or directory #include <Elementary.h>
The second page suggest using 
gcc hello.c -o hello `pkg-config elementary --cflags --libs`
This gets me a string of unmet dependencies.  I gave up at 
Package 'mount', required by 'eeze', not found
I'm on Bodhi 3.0.0

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Bodhi has Elementary/EFL headers installed by default. We do not split them out like a lot of packagers do. Your first message implies gcc isn't finding the headers.


Your third code snippet means you are missing a dependency.

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Hi Jeff -  Thanks for your quick reply.  I have two questions:

How do I check if my EFL headers are installed correctly, and if not, where/how do I best install them?


These are the packages I installed by hand - they showed up as missing depencies just like 'mount'.  Is there an easier way than to install these one by one?












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