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[Poll] New Theme for E19: what?

Next E19 Theme  

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  1. 1. Ok, I've ended Bodhi Linux Forum Theme, what's the next theme I have to made for E19?

    • "Back to the shiny good old days: BLINGBLING THEME!"
    • "Miss the old days of BLACK AND WHITE THEME"
    • "I've always thought that OPENGEU QUARTO DI LUNA THEMES was great"
    • "Never seen OpenGEU Quarto di Luna, but I love OPENGEU MURRINA THEMES"
    • "Stop with the past: create another port of a GTK THEME (will follow a poll about what theme)"
    • "Another OLD THEME (will follow a poll about, but I reserve the right to reject to port some old themes)"
    • "Give up, STOP BOTHER US WITH THEMES and if you haven't understood yet that you suck, I vote this option to make more clear!"



This poll is closed. You can continue to decide which GTK theme use here:





Ok now that I've ended with Bodhi Linux Forum, as Jeff has asked me, I plan to create and do, if you want, other themes.
I've make a stupid poll to decide the next theme for a couple of reasons:

  • I'm bored, so I bother you guys :D
  • There's very few poll on this forum.
  • I'm glad to create a theme that is used for people, so I ask the people what they want.

If you choose another old theme or GTK, please post a comment to allow the following poll :D
Here's the screenshot of the themes I can port (taken from E17):
BLACK AND WHITE (and a lot of colors) THEME:
So choose your theme, or choose to stop me to bother you, your turn! :D

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wow i'am too late here but please no one chose BLINGBLING? this was the first i used to use e17 with, six years ago, so please bring it back to life,

btw, i found it in github, used it already with bodhi legacy 3.0.0, everything works well but, the default e file manager becomes completly useless, so it needs to be fixed.

and yes, i like the dark default theme, any such theme comfortable with eyes as Ambiance Blackout and flat icons of course.

last and forgive please is there any plan for animated backgrounds? Thank you & much regards.

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The E file manager is going to be removed from Moksha. Because of this I doubt we will be updating old themes to work with it.

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Not that I'm aware of. I'd be surprised if anyone around here plans to forward port it now that we have moved to Moksha as our primary desktop.

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