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Installing ARM Linux on an Android Phone

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I have an old device (HTC Wildfire buzz) that I doesn't use as a backup phone. But I have thougth to use as a mini-tiny-home-server with OwnCloud on it.

OwnCloud needsome php and apache dependencies, so I haven't found that application for Android.


So I've thought I can install over it linux (maybe debian?), but I don't know how :D

Someone of you have done something similar? Maybe trying to install Bodhi on ARM devices? I just need to start it, maybe as ssh so with the computer I can install all what I need.


If you think that install Android and over it Linux could be a simpler idea, sure I'll try, but I want to save memory for the server and I don't need android stuff like camera driver, telephon driver, ... I just need that the WI-Fi works :D .


Thank you in advance!

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There's debkit that installs Debian Wheezy onto your android phone. Of course it runs on top of the Android OS. I got the OS to run, but couldn't find a way to get a Desktop Environment (Enlightenment, LXDE) to run, even though I installed them correctly. It will still run terminal programs though.

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