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The waiter

Modules localization job


Hello everybody


As I made some improvements on some modules, I would like to know if is here any interest of making localization. I mean, if you set your native language different from English, some texts will be in your native and my added text in English. It will look silly. Actually I need text for forecasts and trash modules.


In case you are participating, write your language above this block of text:


Forecasts module:

Origin: "Forecats days"

Transl: ""

Origin: [2) "days"

Transl: ""

Origin: [3) "days"

Transl: ""

Origin: [4) "days"

Transl: ""

Origin: [5) "days"

Transl: ""


Trash module:

Origin: "Empty trash"

Transl: ""

Origin: "Show trash"

Transl: ""

Origin: "Settings"

Transl: ""

Origin: "File manager to open the trash"

 Transl: ""

Origin: "Use pcmanfm -n for opening a new instance on the current desktop"

Transl: ""



This is only the first attempt. In case of interest I will try to learn how to localize other modules where is no "po" folder.

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