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First Bodhi-produced electro house track in Spinnin' Pool Talent

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"With the friends" is the first Bodhi composed and produced track that swims into the Spinnin' Records Pool Talent (as far as we know, of course)

Show Bodhi/Escuelas Linux some love! Please vote for the track at:




For us this is a great and fun opportunity to grow Linux visibility on the musical side, which can lead to advances in our agenda to contribute on the Open Source music movement, in which the procedures, techniques and tools used are publicly known. That would have the same advantages as the Free/Open Source software: let more people have access to knowledge in order to free their own creativity and potential in any genre, offer learning opportunities without cost, and carry Free Software principles to the realm of music production.

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instead of limiting your audience to bodhilinux users only/preaching to the choir, here is a suggestion.


On the spinninrecords.com line where you said what's it like to hang with your friends, you can copy and paste what you wrote in the beginning of this thread, and spread the word about Bodhi and Open Source more effectively? I think it will make it clearer not just to us (your friends already using Linux) but to everyone else (those who haven't tried Open Source Software, but like the sound!


It would be a better contribution, Astroboy.Let me get my headphones and log in.

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If we would already write about Open Source on the description section of the track, that would make look us as zealots pushing an agenda. First timer on Spinnin’ Pool and already pushy? No way.


In the same way most people do not appreciate having to hear tracks that are not their personal religious, political or ideological motivations, we do want everyone to enjoy music as is, no strings attached.


Next, we didn’t know how would we be received by this new world -we are still not able to foresee the future, we’re working on that ;-). We happen to be very happy and blessed, because we jumped up hundreds of positions in a crowded list, and received very warmth and positive comments from artists we admire.


IF this good vibe trend continues, THEN we are going to produce videotutorials and other materials, and to respectfully offer comments about what we use, not before... although we already answered to a really nice lady artist who asked about it, which is very different to throw unasked answers.

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