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Finally getting back to Bodhi after years

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Hi, just a few days ago I made a post asking about which version of Bodhi to install on my HP mini. Charles pointed me to Legacy iso. So I downloaded it, and I finally installed Bodhi. 


Now, I'm not stranger with Bodhi Linux. Few years ago, when Bodhi was still version 1.8 I used it on my main PC. I remember it was blazing fast. That's one reason why I tried Bodhi again on this dated netbook. But boy, how surprised I am.


On HP mini, Bodhi is fast. Very fast despite the low processing power that machine has. It's faster that Crunchbang Linux (debian + openbox) and Linux Mint + mate desktop. Every click feels responsive, applications start faster. And the theme looks a lot better than it used to. 


First time I boot into live CD, i decided to look into e-pad. The text editor replacing leafpad, the old default. Back then, when I stopped using Bodhi, the programmer had just released it's first code. I downloaded back then and gave it a try. The difference in what I saw back then with what's in Bodhi right now is amazing. Over the time e-pad has grown into a good text editor. 


Another surprising improvement is online installer. It just works with Midori browser. I installed synaptic right away, installer just asked for password and after some time synaptic is installed without any hassle.


Wifi (Broadcom 4312) is as usual doesn't work ootb. No distro does. But simply install 3 packages using synaptic fixes it. 


I haven't tried it for long. But so far I am impressed by how far Bodhi Linux has come since last time I use it. I am sure Bodhi will stay on that machine for a long time, if not forever.


Thanks for keeping this amazing Distro alive. You, all the team, are the best Linux community I've every have the pleasure to interact with. 


From a long lost user that finally find his way back home



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Hendra that's good to hear.


I'd suggest: Next, measure how much battery life it gives your « terminator » little box ootb. Then install, start TLP which should be available from Ubuntu stable repo. Last, measure again and maybe tell us how much battery life you can get with bodhi...

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