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well - been one strange year!!!! good and mostly bad...

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well - 2016 started out by going 100% linux and no mac for backup support.  started with bodhi on 12/24/15.  So far love it but wish i had more time to read all the stuff i needed to to learn more about bash and terminal and gnu/linux as such.  getting old and 28 years of crippledness and chronic pain which has gotten so much worse - has not been kind.  also lost 4 big pieces of equipment for for 4-8 weeks and running a small homestead/farm/vineyard and 100 plus ton of firewood left to cut and split and stack by hand from 200 plus ton has been a challenge.  the worse rain since i have been here in 1993 and then intense heat and humidity has been one BEAR!  damn - you change your clothes 5-6 times from 5 am to 11 am or noon.  heat stroke and done for the day.

harvest for food has been ehhhh. and wine harvest and making has been cut to 1/4.  so ----- damn....

figs were delicious.  eggs have been happening. some interesting jams and butter,  pasta sauce and marinara have been delectable.  homemade breads every day or two.  some apple and other types of pies too were nice.


lost some vines and also some berries and strawberries are being rejuvinated.


trying to tons of catch up work - dead trees to get down and bucked up and chipped up.


backtrack - chipper was down and lost a tiller and my garden tractor was out for 2 months and even my farm tractor was out - and that was my backup due to a front wheel seal 4 wheel drive leak - had to push a hand mower around 1 acre many days a week for almost 2 months and my garden therefore also went to sh!t.


hoping i can get the shed sorted out and cleaned and get the espaliered fruit nets off and away and prune up all of the tress plus the many down trees from lightning that have to be bucked and chipped.  


decided to try to redo my entire garden area.


hope your year was better than mine.


old age and health issues really do take their toll.


Thank Buddha Bodhi is still running smooth!





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When life beats us down at least we can always fall into the loving arms of Bodhi Linux. Im a gardener myself, but I wish i could have more time to work on it, plus I only have a limited space. 

Down trees are very tiresome to deal with. Wish you the best of luck. 

I have been struggling hard to get some knowledge down with tech support to find a career and after all blood sweat and tears finally found something and will be starting it at end of month. Hard work goes long way but it can beat us down especially when dealing with other issues such as health. 

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Wish you both good fortunes for the rest of the year.


I am not like either of you, not a man of the soil, and the closest I can approximate being associated with "garden" in any way is when I would order a crisp green garden salad with blue cheese salad dressing.


I was able to make money with my Bodhi linux 3.0.0 laptop, courtesy of some firm that merely asked me to stay online after installing team viewer (found a standalone deb package), installing Bodhi on this beat-up old laptop, and making sure I had a working paypal account. Opportunities abound if you search well.


(The first payment is already in there :) It's like this friend o mine who does everything on his smartphone--getting paid in small doses for answering surveys. It may be small, said the wise man, but just you wait. In a month that small acorn will be a full grown tree.


I'd like to thank the Bodhi team for making this possible. And my friend for challenging me to do the same on my big laptop what he does on his teenie-tiny gizmo.

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pffft... got sick in April for a week, then my back went out at the end of April for disk bulge problems so was on medical leave of absence for 2 months, took another month of therapy before I could really stand up straight and now I walk a couple miles every day to keep my back healthy.  Plus getting up from the computer now has a more realized need.  Through all that I lost over 40 lbs! WOOHOO!!  Probably not the best way to loose weight but it worked out for my betterment. At least I got some rest when the pain was finally managed.  So for me this year has been very different than most.


To top that off a little... right before my back went, I had traded in my motorcycle for a new one and was not able to right it for about 3.5 months and then for only short distances.   Still have to build up endurance...

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