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Localization much better in Bodhi4

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Following Change system language - Bodhi wiki on the live 4-alpha2 system gave much more thorough results than in current stable --or 3.2.1 fully upgraded to 4.0alpha.


Where we're coming from:


Bodhi 3.2.1 within the field of my current knowledge (damned binary enlightenment conf files): only a few applications are localized; not even pcmanFM... And it's the same for 4alpha updated from current stable after moving $HOME/.e/e out.



...and where the team has brought our OS as of today:


Bodhi 4alpha2: looks fully localized (without even logging out once), but for a few apps (Bodhi's, ePhoto and ePad).


Seems Bodhi can now speak the language of a billion and a half more users than before ;)


Wondering what has changed in the background that allows such better results? E.g. is it in Ubuntu (I doubt it), Enlightenment-based Moksha or Bodhi conf?



EDIT: Set-up your wanted timezone:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

And this is not needed anymore:


In default Bodhi has language-selector-common package installed, but if you want full localization in Abiword and perhaps in some other problematic apps as well, you have to install also package language-selector from the repos.
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Must be something that Ubuntu changed. I haven't touched localization settings in Moksha.

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Different input method probably. Currently Ubuntu defaults to fcitx, where Bodhi for past releases recommended ibus. The current language-packs might also have been improved, it's not Bodhi that provides them.




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So that explains Moksha (e17) e.g. menu entries finally following the system's *locale*.


As for Gnumeric (Gnome Office) and probably a few other applications' interface, I'm guessing it must be some graphical library toolkit localization files that got included upstream, correct?

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