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Black Nostrum theme lives! (closed)

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I crossed the desert, climbed the highest mountain, found a PClos Release on a server in China, ran alien to convert a src.rpm file, installed this bad boy tonight, so that I can announce a la Professor Farnsworth GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!! Agust' theme was previously unobtainable, but now you can have it. Ladies and gentlemen, your desktops will look new once again. It is my pleasure to bring to you Agust's Black Nostrum theme:


PM me an email address so that I can send the deb package to you using my gmail address. I have tested it only on e17. Anything other than that, well, if it breaks, you get to keep the pieces. Don't ask me any questions--I will assist when I can. But all credit should go to Agust, just the same.

Here is a guide to installing the theme:

Put the deb file in /usr/src or some common place

cd to that directory

as root, gdebi e-theme-complete-name

Go into 

Go into the Themes dialog, assign Black Nostrum to the BaseTheme; finally click Apply. That should do it.



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If that theme you present is the same as here in rpm, no, it has no elementary nor GTK support




But I agree, it is a very elegant theme




PS: need to play with systray background color to fit better to the shelf

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I thought about the elementary stuff, but it was one of the earlier themes he did; I would not go to E19 or E20 with it; I think i have the  SuSe gecko on my version too. Besides, I don't use the system tray much.


The beauty of this theme is that it has full borders on the left (and right). Any person new to enlightenment will think Good, I can resize my windows more easily! But the guy who uses enlightenment everyday will think What keybind do I use to make all windows shade left or shade right?

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What does toggle shade left do? The settings panel, team viewer window, and the browser are all shaded below


thumbnail-7def679d8177cd6acf35026f2976cd, boys, but another press of Alt-F11 on each will restore them thus





(note: I have bound Alt+F10 to ToggleBorderless, Alt+F11 to ToggleShadeLeft, Alt+F12 to ToggleShadeRight)

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one last look before this thread is closed


if bodhi is too minimal, use it as a starting point. Run any live USB that also has e, e.g. Sparky Linux, PCLinuxOS, MacPup, etc. Others like Mageia or Slackware or Fedora come with a different desktop or window manager, but they may have a meta package (rpm or deb or tarball) that will let you install e or for that matter, Moksha. Compare OR find out what applications you use the most, while using the live USB.


So you can return to Bodhi, and install the software that lets you pursue your interests or your hobby, or lets you be more productive. Let it be flashy if you prefer, or keep the eye candy to a minimum. The finished product will be a custom PC or laptop tailor-made for you and you alone.


The fine folks at the Bodhi team are here in the forums and on IRC. Just post your query here for some advice or some answers; it's just part of the process of setting up your personal Bodhi machine. Which could be a gaming machine, or a multimedia machine, or something that lets you get creative with GIMP or Krita or that MS paint wannabe or Muro, or a videoconferencing hub, or a really expensive doorstop, so that you can upgrade to the finest machine anyone's ever built with spare parts and chewing gum and a ball of string. With an IPS monitor that's 42 inches at the diagonal. Or a moneymaking laptop, like mine does while it's idling online.


Just in case you were wondering, yes, the screenshot has a photo of the best damn phone on this planet. Nope, it isn't the iphone7. So, they tossed the headphone jack, eh? No stress, folks, 'cause I am getting something way better, a major brand total upgrade, and it is not from the lunatics in Cupertino; it's from Stuttgart. It has a headphone jack, and a keyboard. You can spread that touch disease with your touch screens; I'll be outside, waiting for the doctor to give his verdict.

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