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enable numlock

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hello, I want to enable numlock at boot.

I followed this guide, but don't works.

what do I have to do to enable the numlock at boot?

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Moksha is not unity or lubuntu, it has its own ways of doing things.


WIN+Space opens the quick launcher

Type numlockx and then hit TAB

Select New application entry and hit ENTER

Now do fill the needed boxes:

Name: Numlockx_Launch

Application: numlockx on

next tab Icon > Icon: bodhi

next tab General > Generic Name: Start Numlockx App

Categories: Settings;

Now hit Apply


This will result in a new entry in the menu. Not that you need that, but you need a launcher that is visible in the settings.


Go to SettingsPanel > Apps > Startup Applications

Under applications select Numlockx_Launch and hit Add and next Apply.


Reboot to check that it works.




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