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Hello from Slovenija to all the Enlightened people :)

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5 years ago, I translated the enlightenment desktop, the modules,

most at the time working programs in EFL - in slovenian,

also did the wiki translations and quickstart for bodhi.

but i was absent from computer, so...

First thing, i installed bodhi, because i love enlightenment.

i wanted to install all the enlightenment stuff, but since i haven't read anything

about the changes at the moment, i made a mess.

I wasn't prepared for this, since so many things changed in this time.

Lot's of reading... now i first had to relearn all the linux stuff and i learned a bit more than b4.

Then i went on, to install enlightenment on debian, as i did back in 

2011 with the easy script.. JApp haha! Nothing working...,

Sparky linux, loved it, but.. where are all the modules?

What a mess the E17 desktop became...

So, after relearning, i went to install Bodhi 3.2.1. 


But now after reading all the forum posts, Jeff's blogs, with Moksha i'm thrilled of excitement..!!!

Here you can find all the modules, programs.. everything is at the reach of a few commands.

Love all beautiful themes, thank you guys, also all those wonderful wp, all modules in the repo.. JIPPY!!!

I deeply appreciate all the hard work from all contributors in the past,

that you put in to make this distro possible.


Jeff, congratulations on forking. I feel you made the right decision

and, from the reading in various other blogs, it's clear to me, that many many others feel the same.

My learning goal was to make a bodhi-sl iso for me and to later translate all i can put my fingers on :)

I'd made an Enlightenment iso with slovenian language files, all modules, all working E stuff preinstalled..

although, now i see no need for it, since it's all a command or a few clicks away.


Life is beautiful!

Thank you all for being there :)

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