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Escuelas Linux 4.6 (maintenance version) has been released

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Today (November 22th, 2016), we released a package to update Escuelas Linux from 4.5 to 4.6.


Our most recent version is 5.0 (“Berserker”). Nevertheless, we are releasing a maintenance package for the 4.x series, because of two reasons:

  1. Version 5.0 requires a new installation. If at this time you cannot erase your version 4.5 to be able to install 5.0 -maybe because you are in the middle of classes or you don’t have time nor resources right now to halt your classes in order to do a total reinstall process, then we suggest to update your system from 4.5 to 4.6. It does not erase any file, it does not modify any config in your system, and takes less than 5 minutes to update it.
  2. Another possible reason is the fact that in Escuelas Linux 5 (as well as in our base distros, Bodhi 4.0 and Ubuntu 16.04) currently there is no support for the AMD graphic proprietary driver (with the exception of the RX 400, R9 Fury and R9300).

We did informal tests, and Escuelas Linux 5.0 worked without any problem on some AMD graphics cards that are not currently supported by the proprietary driver. Nevertheless, we hadn’t done tests in a fairly great number of models of the ATI/AMD family, so we are not certain if the included open source drivers would work fine for all its graphics cards.


If your computer has an AMD graphics card, you could try Escuelas Linux 5.0, and if it fails (in the sense that you only have text-mode access or the resolution is not good), you could go back to version 4.5, check in our 4.5 Install Manual how to setup the proprietary driver, and update your system to 4.6.


For now, Escuelas Linux 4.6 is released only as an update package from our previous version, 4.5. If any of you, for any reason, need to have 4.6 ISO images to be able to easily do new installations with this maintenance version, please let us know and we gladly produce them to be available for download.


The new stuff in Escuelas Linux 4.6 is:

  • LibreOffice 5.2.3

  • Mozilla Firefox 50

  • Google Chrome 54 (64 bits) o Chromium 53 (32 bits)

  • LiveCode 8.1.2 RC2 (in it is fixed a severe bug in which was not possible to open the Properties of a Player object)

  • Geogebra 5.0.294

  • The latest version of Adobe Flash to date, including a script to update easily that package (Open Terminology and type ‘sudo updateflash’)

  • We now include a lot of beautiful wallpapers for your desktop, created by user Vaidotas exclusively for Bodhi Linux. Open menu → Settings → Wallpaper, remove the checkmark on the “Use theme wallpaper” button, and click on the “System” button. Try them all!

The package to update Escuelas Linux 4.5 to 4.6, for English and Spanish languages, is available for download at:



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