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I forgot to select autologin while installing 4.0 then searched the forums found an older post about post-install autologin, suggesting I launch lxdm... I tried, it wasn't installed so I installed it and then was asked to select one of two options...lxdm or another (I forget which)... I selected lxdm ..... then when I booted next time it went into terminal.  In order to access Bodhi I had to select app recovery mode options during boot which worked via Debian.....but graphics are not quite right....  How do I undo this...whatever I have done accidentally?  Or do I need to reinstall?   I am no tekno-guru :)   Many thanks



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I hope this could work (I mean method to apply autologin):


sudo epad /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf


and then edit this line with your acount name




Bodhi uses lightdm, no lxdm

Try to unistall lxdm via terminal and boot again. If needed, install lightdm and lightdm-gtk-greeter also.

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