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Boot Problem on Bodhi Laptop


Hey, so after a little while, My laptop decided to stop booting bodhi unless I use the recovery boot which always tends to miss 1 thing.

I get a nouveau failed to load fecs_inst problem after the glitchy boot screen that you see which I assume is something to do with graphics.

Note: I didn't mess with anything with my graphics drivers since getting 367 and after a few boots, this happened.


How would I fix it?



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Just fixed the problem!

I installed different nvidia drivers (nvidia-current) in recovery mode and now it all boots up correctly on the regular bootup!

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Boot to prompt [1] and if it does boot [2], then it would be a graphic driver issue.

After booting to prompt [3], try 'startx' and see if it boots up (not likely) to gui.

Also provide graphic card details so others [4] can help you with it.





At grub menu, press 'e' at Bodhi entry.
Arrow down to linux line
Arrow right past 'quiet' and 'splash'
Backspace to remove 'quiet' and 'splash' (careful not to remove 'ro')
Add '3' (no appostrophes)
F10 or 'ctl' + 'x' to boot
Login in with password.



If it doesn't boot, let us know what are the last few lines in console of error messages that hangs.



Always best to do commands as follows before trying startx

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade



I'm not good in graphic drivers, so others need to jump in to help OP. Thanks.



It may just be that you need to fsck the Bodhi partition.

If that is the case do that from outside, meaning from livecd or another OS.

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Okay, so heres some details.

I have GNU Grub 2 by default which has Bodhi and windows 10 on it.


My specs are:

Intel I7-6700HQ

Nvidia GTX 970M

16gb ram


I used to have NVIDIA 331 Drivers, then I got NVIDIA 367 Drivers. I noticed a performance decrease, and then after about 2 reboots, bodhi stopped booting correctly.


Sorry I am not the most descriptive person in the world. Of course I will either try these tips when I get a chance, or wait for someone else to help.

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