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how can i get layout "Radiance" from Bodhi-3.1.1-legacy to 4.0.0-legacy ?




in Bodhi-3.1.1-LEGACY i use the default theme with only black icons and simple folders  (Radiance?) and Bodhi Default Icons.


Now in the new version Bodhi-4.0.0-legacy i will the same layout. At the Bodhi-App-Center i installed the Theme "Moksa Radiance".

But how can i get the simple icon-layout design in the folders like in version 3.1.1-legacy ???





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The icon set you are looking for can be installed by running the command:

sudo apt-get install bodhi-awoken

And then setting them by searching for "application theme" in the quick launcher and selecting the icons tab at the top.

I forgot to add these to the app center after they were replaced as the default icon set in Bodhi 4.0. I'll make a note to add them to the app center when I get a chance.

Welcome to the forums!

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