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Hello from Bavaria

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i'am NemWar, and startet as a linux newbie with bohdi,

hope this is the right software and place for me (and my hardware as well ;-))


So at least there are to projects with Bodhi running at the moment.


The first one is to get Bodhi run like hell on an old Convertible. My Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook P1620.

There will be the great challenge to get all buttons and the touch-pad properly to work.


The second one is the notebook which is not always with me and running Bhodi now already.

It's an ASUS A6VA. Here's the challenge nearly the same, i want to get everything to work like charm.

Because this one is not for me, it's my mother's one so you can think why it should run like this?


Greets form Bavaria / Germany



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Hi there and welcome to the forums.


Just ask if the QuickStart guide or the wiki don't answer your questions. I think your mother will love it once you have set it up.




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