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File manager


I have managed to disable the file manager, when I click Menu>Places>Home a warning message is displayed along the lines - Enlightenment Filemanager cannot be run, choose a custom filemanager.


I have been exploring (messing with) settings!!


How do I fix this? thanks

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Thank you so much. I did try to install PCManFM from the Bodhi AppCentre, however it was already installed. I tried to choose it in the settings, but got an error message that it could not be used or loaded.


I decided to completely install Bodhi again, so everything is ok.


I am trying out Bodhi on a Toshiba Satellite Pro - rather left behind now in terms of computing power. I have tried full Linux installations (Mint - my particular favourite - Ubuntu and Zorin), but it struggles. Bodhi is lightweight but looks very stylish and so far is running really well - I am impressed.


It is great to know there is a responsive forum to turn to. No doubt I shall be back here soon with another issue to resolve.....

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Yes, E file manager was disabled in default installation because of its lack of features. You can use PcmanFM or different FM if you like this way: 

Open "quick launcher (ALT + ESC)" and type "places"

The Places module settings dialog should appear

Check "Use the custom file manager" and enter its name.

Confirm your settings


BTW: Welcome in Bodhi community

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