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wifi connection speed w/ various chipsets


I noticed highly unstable and generally low (max 72 Mbs) connection speeds with various chipsets - Intel, Broadcomm, Atheros, Realtek, Mediatek. There are numerous postings in Ubuntu forums on this matter; are there working solutions? I tried changes to DNS lookup procedures and IPV6 (disabled), to no avail.


Since I have been able to resolve all other issues step by step, this is probably the most annoying remaining problem. In general I am more and more convinced that Bodhi is the best distribution. Just a few suggestions on software to be included in the appcenter, and management of multiple monitors.  


Really impressive work!

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I had bodhi on a desktop that ran with a wifi dongle. It too was pokey and unstable. After managing to get the proper driver package installed for the dongle, I was greeted with much faster connections and they were stable. It has been a year and I no longer have access to the desktop. So, I can not even mention the part vendor name or the patch.

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