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The waiter

Conky in the Sticky notes? Why not :)




This post should be related to the thread where I announced my little project called StickyNotes but a brand new feature was added and I think it deserves a new one.




I realized I need a day calendar on the screen (we here in Slovakia have a weird habit to celebrate persons first name) not to forget to call my relatives or friends. I knew there is a nice terminal utility called "calendar" which shows day events according your setup. I made this feature possible but suddenly a new idea emerged. Why not to make it universal? We can put any linux command and we will have the outcome on the screen. Then another idea appeared. What if I add a timer for outcome refresh? Why not? OK, I will not bother you any more with this uninteresting story. Lets see the picture :) :



As you can see there are 4 StickyNotes and 3 of them are "animated". Date and CPU/Memory sticky resfresh every second and ncal every hour (hour is max in the settings).

Conclusion: Of course this is not a real Conky substitution but I think this module could be nice and useful for some of us and I hope you will like it. At this state of the project I need some testers to check the functionality etc.




Enjoy :)


PS: Use ncal -h if you want the day name and day number highlight (extra bonus for you :) )

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Randy: I know you have tested the previous version. As I changed the variable names for better understanding, please rm all *sticky* files in .e/e/config/bodhi before installing the new one. If not, Moksha will seqfault. Sorry for the trouble...


PS: I am considering another feature. Pop up window in case of text changing. Good for mail checking, an appointment reminder or anything we need...

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