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Hi from southern Arizona

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Hello - just installed 32bit Bodhi the other day & I'm really likin' it!

Was looking for an even lighter distro than lxle that was already on my old emachines spare computer

and seemed like this might be the one & it is.

tried q4os but just not for me.

been aware of bodhi for a while now but didn't know much about it so I read reviews & watched a few

videos & it looked good, but it also looked like there might be a rather steep learning curve just to navigate around the menus.

But I had to try it. Spent about ten min. on live cd & was really amazed at how comfortable it felt

moving around in it, didn't expect that.

I know I'll be asking lots of questions once I start trying to dive deeper into this but really

impressed with the out-of-box experience.

had a couple of little glitches during the install, but nothing that I couldn't sort out on my own,

Running very well now.

Thanks so much for this fantastic OS!

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Agree with linmor. Bodhi gave me innumerable meaning too in a similar way. Years ago I was actually using Debian as well as Puppy Linux. I had taken a look at several OSes ranging from AltLinux till OpenSUSE when a group of Tibetan monks threw me five or six laptops that required furbishing, and since then I only recommend Bodhi. I still switch OSes here and there because of varying computing needs, e.g. some of my users are hardcore proprietary software users, but if I were to be shipping refurbished computers to India where some youths are growing up in malnourished villages, I usually prescribe Bodhi, imho.

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