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E-Ink Linux computer

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Hi, guys,


I have a daydreaming or just simply crazy idea/ question,


Let me start with the backround/current state of the art review (from my purely subjective perception - please feel free to correct me).


The total computer market is split into three major cohorts (I purposefully exclude tablets and smart phones):


1 windows - people enslaved by their habits and enterprise (the majority of the population) Enterprise include those who "need that specific application that is not available at the other platforms.Gamers.

2. Mac - creative pro/enthusiasts, fanboys, self-image aware narcissists, slaves of their old habits, and simple minds who want "it just works" (to put it in a politically correct words)

3. Linux - technically savvy people, those who want more bang for a buck, tinkerers and searchers for flexibility.


It is clear why first two categories are not too creative - they need something that is in the box and they even do not bother to think outside of the box.


Linux users, as per my opinion, are more open minded, especially the distro hoppers. They are probably more prone to coding/reading/writing These people excluding Linux-based gamers probably do not necessarily need high fps and possibly color.


So, why nobody has yet developed a computer with e-ink-based screen and a compatible Linux distro? Apps could include office, book reader, web browser (possibly only with reading mode only), email, and instant messaging.


With two weeks of recharge-free writing/reading work and now useless visual effects that would be a killer machine.


I would be totally happy with something like Mac System 7.5.


It amazes me that today people spend 4K and burn kilowatts per hour just to read emails and type a text into MS Word.


Any ideas?


Again, I have no intent to insult anyone.


Thank you,



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She started with a nook from Barnes & Noble. She described the procedure here, and the itch has been scratched. I believe some bit of engineering and marketdroids stepped in, and the netbook was born, after a few clever/out-of-the-box ideas were tossed in. One can also search for N900 Nokia and Maemo.

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Hi, DOOMguym


Thank you for the reply. I am tryin to open the link in your post and it is not opening. Would you please send again.


Talk to you later.



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