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apt update in testing

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I updated apt and related packages in testing to Ubuntu's version 1.2.20 (Bodhi version 2.2.20).


This is to address an issue I found while working on ePads font selection dialog. The previous version of apt was broken and failed to install certain packages, namely  ttf-mscorefonts.


If you have the testing repo in your sources.list file then to update to the new apt simply:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

If you don't have nor want the testing repo you can manually update to the latest apt by downloading the following packages for the version of Bodhi you have installed (32 bit or 64 bit):


  • apt 
  • apt-utils 
  • apt-transport-https
  • libapt-inst2.0 
  • libapt-pkg5.0 

It is easier to download them or move them to their own folder, say ~/apt


Then to install :

cd ~/apt
sudo dpkg -i *

Hopefully there are no issues but if there are report here. Thanks  B)

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