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Difference running Bodhi in VB and actual install

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Hi all,


I had this "issue" not only with Bodhi, but also with other Ubuntu derivates. When installing Bodhi (or Xubuntu or .........) in Virtual Box, everything runs smoothly. But when performing the actual installation on my system I noticed a huge difference and especially in the field of graphical support.


As example:

I had Mint Xfce installed. In VB I installed Xubuntu. No problems so far. When I wiped my SDD drive in order to install Xubuntu, my system suffered from a blinking, flickering screen. Even after installing the latest graphic drivers for my Intel and Nvidia GPU's (I have an hybrid system, 2 GPU's). With Linux Mint I had no issues whatsoever with the graphic drivers and screen resolutions. I would say that Mint Xfce and Xubuntu is using the same Windows Manager and desktop environment which should give no problems... It did.


I experience the same with Bodhi. In VB no issues, but an actual install let my whole system freeze without any warning or reason. never found out what caused this but is annoying as hell.


Does anyone has a valid reason/explanation why there is such a huge difference between an actual install and a VB install? I now that VB is using resources of the host it runs on but that can not be the main reason for those differences? 

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The problem between VM and real hardware is in the VM the hardware is emulated. I don't know the exact specs, but, as a possibility the video may be a generic VESA "card" and the processor could also be generic. I am fairly positive the VM doesn't "emulate" an Nvidia card or an AMD/ATI card depending on the host system. Put another way the VM emulates the lowest possible denominator and then everyone should get the same experience when using the VM no matter what the configuration of the host system is.

Side note, I have XFCE and LXDE installed on this system currently. I greatly prefer stock LXDE over XFCE. I seriously doubt the DE is the source of your issue though.

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As birdmun said, the hardware the VM presents looks different than the actual hardware and will be much more generic. My semi-informed speculation would be that you mostly like either have a kernel issue or a driver issue. I'm nowhere near wizard enough to really help diagnose, but the first thing I'd check would be the kernel versions between the Mint that works OK and Bodhi that's glitchy. If they're the same, then it's almost certainly something to do with hardware drivers.

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