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Sef, Charles, and Birdmun

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Just wanted to say thank you to you all for helping me get Bodhi 4 on 4 laptops.  the 4.1 was a nightmare but the 4.2 disc worked great.  the help on the trackpad thingie also make it a 'deal' as opposed to a 'deal breaker'.  I work hard but with linux - have lost a lot of years from my life and more gray hairs etc. over the years.  a decade plus ago was a sheer nightmare.  i had certain major issues - but slugged away.


1 1/2 year ago when i committed to Bodhi and 100% linux with no mac for fallback - it was sink or swim.  and I depend on m 2 thinkpads for everything here as some of you know.  it was a bear - simply finding my way around and certain issues to work out.  i have 2 thinkpads that are set up 100% identical - files, themes- windows, etc..  i know what is on both of them.  once i set them up it was sweet and no need to now how i tweaked the windows up and whatever else.  so i dreaded the update/upgrade to 4.  working it all out again.  and i have severe tweaks to what i want and like.  went through hell this past 7 days or so with 4 computers.....  but the more i had to deal with trying to get them running i relearned where most things were.


THAT is what i dreaded - all the stuff to get it to work for my needs and expectations.  


as of right now - though i have 3 more to tweak a bit - i have Bodhi 4 running on 4 laptops in the house and this is a 100% Bodhi house now.


Thanks to everyone with more patience and great knowledge who have helped me out.



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